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Matcha for Tea

<em>Organic Matcha Tea -</em> Morning Matcha Classic Grade
Invigorating and calming organic early harvest matcha tea. $35.00$94.99 / 1 oz / 20-60 servings
<em>Ceremony Grade</em> Kama Matcha Tea
An extraordinary matcha for discerning drinkers. $48.00$121.99 / 1 oz / 20 servings

Matcha for Blending (lattes, smoothies and more)

Gotcha Matcha – Perfect for Lattes – 40 Servings
The rich taste of matcha powdered green tea for smoothies, lattes, pastries and savory recipes. $34.99$94.47 / 3 oz / 40 servings

Matcha Bulk

Bulk Matcha Tea – Dakota Matcha – 500 Servings
An economical choice for recipes, supplements and food applications. The more you buy, the more you save.  Click for volume pricing. $119.00 / 2.2 lbs / 500 servings
Bulk Matcha Tea – Gotcha Matcha – 500 Servings
A premium matcha tea selection with excellent color, flavor and aroma. Flexible enough for both beverages and blending. Click for volume pricing. $227.00 / 2.2 lbs / 500 servings

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