3 Simple Steps for Preparing a Matcha Latte at Home

Prepare a matcha latte at home with Gotcha Matcha, water and your preferred milk and sweetener.

how to make a matcha latte

To make a delicious cafe style matcha latte at home, follow this golden rule:

make it your own

– Alissa W.

Guidelines for Matcha Latte Preparation

There is no right or wrong way to make textured, flavorful, antioxidant-rich matcha lattes using familiar kitchen gadgets. Simply look around your kitchen and see what works for you. If you have a mason jar, electric whisk, counter-top blender, you already have all you need to make hot or cold matcha tea lattes at home.

Experiment with the ratio of matcha powder to water, milk and sweetener. Add other flavors you enjoy like vanilla, cinnamon, turmeric, cacao or coconut.

Here are 3 Simple Matcha Latte Set-ups for Home Prep

Prepare matcha with an electric frother to make great tasting matcha lattes at home.

Prepare Matcha with a Frother

I like this method a lot because it requires only one gadget many people already own. Simply add 3 oz water to 2t matcha and froth well in a tall mug or glass. Drink on it’s own or add milk and sweeteners and froth again. Sip away with your at home matcha beverage.

Prepare matcha tea as a paste with 2t powder and 3 ounces water.

Or, Prepare Matcha As Paste

Another way to dissolve matcha and extract bold flavor is to make a paste. Add 3T hot, not boiling water to 2t matcha powder and blend until smooth. Then add 3 ounces water and/or combine with milk.

Froth Milk with a Counter-Top Blender

Froth warm or cold milk in your home blender. Prepare matcha with an electric frother, bamboo whisk or as a paste and combine in your favorite mug.

Either Way, Keep It Simple and Make It Your Own

Whether you add matcha to milk, or milk to matcha journey onward with a playful spirit and sense of adventure. Your tastebuds and creativity will be delighted. We offer guidelines and suggestions for using Gotcha Matcha in your own vivid and flavorful matcha tea creations.

Ready to Buy Matcha for Lattes at Home?

Looking for premium, authentic, shade-covered Japanese matcha cultivated for tea or lattes? Choose Gotcha Matcha for great color, flavor and aroma.

5 Common Matcha Latte Questions Answered

How much matcha tea should I use?

Use between 1 and 2 teaspoons of matcha tea per 6-8 ounce latte depending on your preference for bold green tea flavor. You can experiment incrementally and add more, and you can always dilute your beverage with more water or milk.

What is the best water temperature for preparing matcha?

Use water under a boil. Even if you are making an iced latte, preparing matcha as a paste with hot water is a good way to extract the most flavor from the tea. Avoid boiling water as this will “burn” the tea and bring out the bitter notes. Conversely, using ice will bring out the sweet notes. To do that, blend matcha, ice and water in a martini shaker and shake well for a rich liquor and vibrant tasting matcha base.

Our Gotcha Matcha blend contains ten percent early harvest matcha so it works for lattes or tea with bright green color, leafy aroma and satisfying flavor.

Which grade of tea is the best for making matcha lattes?

Matcha grades reflect when in the harvest the leaves were picked. Early harvest, or ceremony grade, matcha comes from leaves at the top of the plant selected very early in the season. These are completely destemmed and de-veined and have minimal astringency. Blending grade, also referred to as culinary grade, or second harvest, indicates the blend contains mature leaves exposed to the sun for longer and usually containing more of the bitter elements from the stems and veins.

Learn more on our Matcha Buyer’s Guide.

Is matcha caffeinated?

Yes, matcha contains caffeine. However the experience is very different than coffee. Matcha is a whole food, not an extract. When you drink it you ingest the whole leaf, unlike brewed teas. Rich in fiber, matcha slowly releases caffeine into the body along with calming and mood-enhancing amino acids. The effect is a sustained energetic lift, good for concentration and focus.

Will I still get the same health benefits of matcha tea from a latte?

That’s up to you. The good news is that by preparing matcha lattes at home, you can control all the other ingredients that go into your beverage. By choosing alt mylks and sweeteners you can make a delicious and nutritious blend that is low on sugars and carbs. Check out this recipe using hemp seeds and a date.