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As Promised, Here is my Personal Story

The Back Story

I’ve been selling matcha teas under the brand name Matcha Source since 2006. When I first discovered matcha tea, long before your corner latte shop ever knew it was a thing, I fell madly wildly in love with the color, flavor, aroma and utensils. The green smoke made me swoon. The elegant tines of the bamboo whisk hugging the celadon whisk holder dazzled from the countertop. I was all in. 

But what really sold me was the health benefits. Learning more about the abundant antioxidants and the unparalleled nutrition in every serving, I felt I had discovered a treasure that the rest of my fellow English-speaking, non-green-tea-drinking Americans needed to know about.

Around the time I started Matcha Source, my father had lost a decades long battle with diabetes and my older brother was in treatment for Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which soon after ended his life. Both of these conditions fall into a category known as “non-communicable” illnesses. You can’t catch them from sitting next to someone who sneezes. While they can be genetic factors at play, there is an element of prevention that can be employed through diet and lifestyle. Good nutrition is the single most preventative measure we have at our own discretion to prevent disease and illness.

Good nutrition is the single most preventative measure we have at our own discretion to prevent disease and illness.

I found a calling in matcha. To make this healthful healing elixir friendly, familiar and accessible for Americans to enjoy at home and work everyday.

To that end, I created a matcha product line complete with accessories and gift sets, and opened two Matcha Box pop-up shops in Los Angeles and NYC, followed by a retail location in West Hollywood, now closed. The greatest rewards are the connection with long term customers, mostly by phone, coaching them on how to prepare matcha as a ruse for connection about life, family members, work and wellness.

Matcha Box in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Jump forward to today, the nation has caught on and matcha is widely available and highly visible in popular culture. I even encountered a software with its namesake. Matcha has claimed top billing on cafe menus from trendy cafes to Starbucks and is readily found in supermarkets and specialty health food shops.

Having observed, and contributed to, America’s embrace of matcha, I am proud to have been part of the green wave. Knowing that my products brought matcha to countertops and morning rituals, makes me feel like mission accomplished. The people now know. DONE!


At this moment, it’s time again to strive for new destinations. To impact people’s lives with even more betterment products. To grow as a business owner, creator, storyteller and entrepreneur. To that end, I’ve been reading, studying, researching and visioning new concepts, products and healing stories to share.

As a preliminary first step, I wanted to start with my existing customers, the nexus of trust and good will established over years, and ask you about your habits, desires and interests.

By completing this survey, you are helping me refine my vision of delivering wellness products that work so that others may achieve their vision of healthy and well.

Thank you.

Be Well, 

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PS  – To hear how Matcha Source has impacted people’s lives, listen to a 3-min Matcha Journey, as told by our customers.

PPS  – Have you seen our lettered bamboo matcha tea scoops? I LOVE these.