Ready to Uplevel Your Matcha?

Extend the Journey

At Matcha Source you will find exquisite early harvest selections, bespoke utensils, complete gift sets and a curious mindset.

Honest Ceremony Grade Matcha Teas

When we set out to create an extraordinary koicha, early harvest ceremonial grade matcha tea, growers in Japan were reluctant to offer that level harvest to our line. We had to earn it. The term “ceremony grade” is not regulated, leaving room for confusion in the marketplace when any product can claim it. Our ceremony grade matcha teas are tender young buds hand-picked, at the beginning of the season. The care and knowledge that goes into each tin is backed by centuries old tradition and craft.

Trust is our greatest asset. We seek to earn yours with our word, our service and our teas.

Bespoke Bowls and Utensils

As a matcha tea lover, the materials and surfaces you use to enjoy your daily ritual matter to you as much as the excellent tea you consume. That’s why we offer:

  • The Hayden Collection tea bowls, handmade in Los Angeles
  • Custom chashakus (bamboo tea scoops) imprinted with humorous bons mots
  • Best quality 100-prong bamboo whisks
  • Complete Gift Sets with sifters, holders, bowls and whisks

Got Cravings? We’ve Got Matcha Forever

Are you running out of matcha too frequently because your once a week has become once – or twice – a day? Or is your co-habitor sneaking up on your last few grams? Never run out with one of these “matcha-forever” options:

• Subscribe to the Insider’s Tea Club – ships for free 6x/year – cancel anytime
• Select one of our matcha in bulk sizes for daily power users
• Pick-up a specially priced matcha bundle – assorted options, all with free shipping

Explore and get to know the tea with ease. Never run out. It’s your daily ritual after all.

Matcha Source Believes in You

We believe drinking tea is a source of pleasure and satisfaction. We believe good health is wealth. We believe if you dream it, you can do it. Uplevel your matcha ritual with early harvest teas, new gear, or experimenting with new recipes. Make every sip count. It’s your time.

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