As Seen On “The Weekend Wellness Hour” with Dr. Amy Novotny

In this episode of The Weekend Wellness Hour, with Dr. Amy Novotny, I discuss the unparalleled health benefits of matcha tea. I also explain grading, sourcing, and cultivation, as well as recipes and utensils. We review the calming effects of matcha tea and how a daily serving can aid in productivity, concentration and focus.

Dr. Amy Novotny is a breath work coach and founder of The PABR Institute. She helps people recover from chronic pain and anxiety and teaches her unique method online and at conferences.

Derived in part by the powerful antioxidant EGCg, the amino acid L-theanine and naturally occurring chlorophyll, the health benefits of matcha tea create an immune boosting powerhouse.

This is a great video for people curious about both matcha tea, and me, Alissa White. I explain how, when and why I founded Matcha Source.

The video mentions our handy Matcha Source Buyer’s Guide and our matcha recipes.

And for quick how-to videos demonstrating how to prepare matcha drinks, click here.