Gotcha Matcha – Cafe Grade – 100 Servings

$59.00 / 7 oz


Matcha Tea for Lattes, Smoothies and Desserts

Perfect for green tea lattes and green tea smoothies. This bulk container of Matcha is ideal for those looking to supercharge their daily drink.

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  • for blending (lattes, smoothies etc)
  • as an ingredient (breakfast bowls)
  • as a tea with milk and honey

$59.00 / 7 oz


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Gotcha Matcha is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, especially the potent and renowned catechin, EGCg. Matcha contains caffeine, which stimulates the body, and amino acids, which relax the mind. A serving provides 3 to 4 hours of mild steady energy. Perfect for focusing on work, meditation or play. Vibrant green in color, matcha tea has a pleasing aroma and a rich full-bodied taste.

Add Gotcha Matcha™ to your favorite green tea recipes. Froth with milk, blend with fruit or add the rich taste of green tea to desserts, sauces and pastries.

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Recommended Accessories

Bamboo Whisk – 100 Prong
Use to whisk matcha in a teabowl. 100 prong, cut from one piece. $24.00
The Sift, Whisk & Enjoy Bundle
Essential utensils needed to sift, whisk and enjoy matcha tea in a bowl $45.00

Our customers often ask

What does cafe grade mean?

Cafe grade matcha is made with less delicate tealeaves, has a stronger flavor and is ideal for using in cooking, baking and mixing with milk/yogurt drinks. The price of ingredient grade is related to how green the matcha powder is, denoting the quality of tealeaves used. The greener, or “younger” a matcha is, the more expensive.

Can I drink cafe grade Gotcha Matcha on its own?

Yes, Gotcha Matcha can be prepared as a tea with water, just like our other grades of matcha. The difference will be noticed in the color and flavor. Nutritionally the teas are comparable. All are 100% pure shade covered powdered green tea cultivated, harvested and produced in Japan.

Why sift matcha?

For the same reason bakers sift flour before using. The static electricity in the air encourages powders (be it flour, baking powder, cocoa, etc) to stick together and form clumps. The same is true with matcha green tea powder. Sifting matcha smoothes it out and lets it blend better into your drink or cooking recipe.


Where is this tea sourced?

We sourced this matcha from the environmentally friendly hillside region of Nishio. In the late 1800’s a Buddhist priest introduced the varietal and production techniques of the Uji region used in matcha production. Soon Nishio became a formidable producer of matcha tea. In 2001 JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards Association), awarded its organic certification to the matcha teas from our Nishio farms.

Where can I find recipes?

Discover our comprehensive recipes section featuring recipes for matcha green tea lattes (Hot and Cold), smoothies, breakfast bowls and more.

I still have a question - what shall I do?

Speak to an informed friendly Matcha Expert:
1 877 962 8242 / [email protected]


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E. L. Schawo

Uncomparably the BEST green tea matcha anywhere!

Matcha Source is uncomparably the best quality matcha of any on the market. Taste is smoother and/or deeper than any matchas commercially made due to the unique growing area and processing of tea crops in Japan. Matcha gives their customers great service too!


Matcha Source

WOW! Thank you. Reviews like this make our hearts sing! We love matcha and serving great customers. So glad you are enjoying it. Best, Alissa

Constance M.

Grateful to have found my matcha source

I have been buying Gotcha Matcha from Match Source for years. I have tried matcha from other places but Match Source's is the best. I buy Cafe Grade in bulk rather than finer grades because I drink two matcha oat milk lattes every morning. I have found that an electric frother works best for me to mix the matcha with the milk. When I use (or maybe misuse) bamboo whisks, they wear out too quickly. I'm grateful to Matcha Source for the flexible buying options and the high quality matcha. Ordering from the website is straightforward and I receive my matcha quickly.


Matcha Source

Hi Connie! Wow. Thank you for this awesome review. So glad to know the bulk options are useful for you. Bamboo whisks should be rinsed with warm water and air dried. And only used for tea with water, no milks or soap. And they do need to be replaced from time to time. Meanwhile, electric frothers work for tea and lattes as you already know. Thanks again and all the best, Alissa

What our customers say about our Gotcha Matcha – Cafe Grade – 100 Servings

"Awesome Breakfast Drink
I would recommend Gotcha Matcha for everyone to drink at breakfast time to set your day. I have come up with my very own special recipe too I would like to share... for breakfast blend some Gotcha Match with Vanilla Almond Milk!! So, tasty..I love it!!"
Tracie Callahan from Berwick, ME
"Amazing Product
My Matcha Madness and Matcha Monsoon smoothies that I serve at my smoothie bar have become one of the favorites for my customers...It goes along way and the flavor is amazing.... Thank You Alissa for providing such an amazing product and for providing amazing customer service..."
Marilyn Darby, Booster Juice from Park City, Utah