chaBLUE Matcha Blueberry Blend

$32.50 / 7 oz


Matcha Blueberry Blend for Tea or Lattes

Enjoy lightly sweetened ChaBLUE matcha tea flavored with the essence of blueberry.

Serving Info

100 x 2g
100 tsp


  • for blueberry flavored tea or lattes
  • as an ingredient in smoothies and shakes
  • as an iced-tea made with water, lemonade or coconut juice

$32.50 / 7 oz


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Enjoy chaBLUE Matcha Blueberry Blend as a tea or as an ingredient in matcha lattes, smoothies and iced drinks. ChaBLUE combines the nutrition of matcha with the delightful zing of blueberry flavor. This is an excellent option for people who are curious about matcha, and looking for a sweeter and more familiar flavor profile than traditional matcha green tea. 

ChaBLUE blends instantly. No need for hot water or whisking. ChaBLUE matcha blueberry blend pairs with lemonade, mint, coconut water and even adult beverages. Have fun with this flavorful, punchy easy-to-use matcha tea.

ChaBLUE delivers a pleasing green tea and blueberry aroma, with vibrant green color.


ChaBlue contains cane sugar, matcha tea and blueberry flavor derived from blueberries.

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Recommended Accessories

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Our customers often ask

Does chaBLUE Matcha Blueberry Blend have sugar?

Yes, chaBlue is lightly sweetened with cane sugar.  The taste is a harmonious blend of green tea, berry and a lingering sweetness making it a perfect introduction to matcha tea.

Can I drink chaBLUE Matcha on its own?

Yes, chaBLUE can be prepared as a tea with water or used as an ingredient in blended drinks. You can use cold or hot water and sifting is not required.

Where can I find recipes?

Discover our comprehensive recipes section featuring recipes for matcha green tea lattes (Hot and Cold), smoothies, breakfast bowls and more.

Where is this tea sourced?

We sourced this matcha from the environmentally friendly hillside region of Nishio. In the late 1800’s a Buddhist priest introduced the varietal and production techniques of the Uji region used in matcha production. Soon Nishio became a formidable producer of matcha tea. In 2001 JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards Association), awarded its organic certification to the matcha teas from our Nishio farms.

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