On A Mission, Alissa White, Matcha Source


I’m On A Mission, Join Me.

My name is Alissa White and I am on a mission to change a hundred thousand lives, so that they now say, “I drink matcha tea,” so that they can achieve their vision of healthy and well.

Join me.

Why Matcha Tea?

Matcha tea offers unparalleled nutrition.

  • When you drink matcha tea, you ingest the whole leaf and receive 100% of the nutrients of the tea. 
  • Matcha is rich in EGCg, a powerful antioxidant known to help protect cells against free-radical damage and oxidative stress.
  • Matcha’s unique combination of caffeine and l-theanine offers a slow sustained energetic lift without jitters.
  • Matcha tea is rich in chlorophyl, a natural and safe detoxifying agent that helps remove heavy metals from the body.
Matcha tea from Matcha Source

Why Matcha Source?

Our customers are seekers looking to self-heal.

  • Our mission is to educate and inform Matcha Lovers and New Comers so that they can confidently select, purchase and prepare matcha tea every day at home, work or play.
  • Our customers are seekers committed to self healing with daily wellness rituals, lifelong learning and participating fully in joyful expressive living.
  • We believe health is wealth and that good nutrition is a powerful tool in achieving one’s own vision of healthy and well.
  • We are woman-owned small business based in Los Angeles, CA. 
Matcha tea from Matcha Source

Ambassador Opportunity

Help inspire and educate future matcha consumers.

I am looking for passionate communicators to connect with people wherever they are on their own health journey.  

  • 10% commission on sales
  • 30 day tracking cookie
  • On Boarding Bundle Set with Gotcha Matcha, Morning Matcha, whisk and spoon
  • 10% off promotional codes for your audience

Let’s Create Something Amazing

Are you passionate about sharing health and wellness stories?

Join the Matcha Source Ambassador Program and help change the lives of a 100, 000 future matcha lovers. Have an idea for a collaboration, seasonal and/or caused based promotion? Tell me about it. Fill out the short form below to submit your application. I look forward to meeting you.

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