The founder and owner of Matcha Source, LLC, is poised to make the centuries-old tradition of matcha—
the highly-prized, powdered green tea from Japan—part of the new American culture.


Alissa’s own personal journey to matcha represents the ingenuity that fuels Matcha Source. White balances SoCal vibrancy spiked with the drive and passion of New York. After studying Fine Art and Critical Studies at the University of California-Santa Cruz, the Los Angeles native jumped into a master’s degree in Interactive Telecommunications at the prestigious Tisch School of Arts at New York University, right on the cusp of the Internet explosion of the late nineties. After school, White would embark on a high-energy, ten year career in media.

Eventually, the hectic pace left Alissa looking for something else. In 2004, a chance encounter with matcha would become her vehicle for change. When the vivid green powder burst from a small container of matcha opened by friend, Alissa had found her way to the precious tea. Added to the visual attraction was the beauty of the traditional matcha implements—such as the bowl and the whisk—that transform the verdant powder into a rich liquid. And that was even before the first sip.

But Alissa’s fascination wasn’t simply aesthetic or culinary. The healthful qualities of matcha made a personal connection with White, who learned how the green elixir could have helped her diabetic father. Gradually, she came upon the same discovery made in Japan over a thousand years before: green tea in its most refined form—matcha—had the potential to heal and restore health.

Matcha Source

In 2006, Alissa founded Matcha Source and would spend the next few years to find the best way to bring her personal vision of matcha to the public. After a period of research and travel, she brought Matcha Source to an online community that was ready for a new kind of matcha source.

For Alissa, Matcha Source is creating a first generation of American matcha drinkers who can find their own way to enjoy matcha. Because matcha is so versatile, she believes matcha can fit into all kinds of lifestyles in many different ways. And there’s no better example than her take on matcha. Reminiscent of the simple sense of togetherness behind chanoyu, or the Japanese tea ceremony, Alissa says that her favorite cup of matcha is one shared with a friend. Even in the midst of a busy schedule, matcha has its place reserved at four o’clock. (And in her opinion, there’s no better accompaniment than Matcha Truffles.)

Expect best quality teas and excellent customer service from Matcha Source LLC. Contact us for information, to place an order, or to share your matcha stories and recipes. We look forward to hearing from you!