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Whisk matcha tea in a bowl or cup with this hand held electric frother. Use this instead of a bamboo whisk. Can be used to whisk tea alone or with milk. Perfect for hot or cold beverages.


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Tips for Frothing Milk

Milk froths best when chilled or slightly warmed.
Skim milk froths better than milk with high fat content.
Use a spoon to transfer foam from frother onto your beverage.

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Our customers often ask

How do I prepare matcha tea with an electric frother?

Sift 1-2 tsp matcha tea into a tall mug or beaker. Add 3 oz hot, not boiling, water (about 180 degrees). Froth until well blended. Matcha is ready to drink when the texture is light and airy. Adjust proportions to taste.

Can I prepare matcha without a frother or whisk?

Absolutely. There is no one right was to prepare matcha. For tea in a cup, add 2 oz hot water to 2 tsp powder in a cop. Blend well into a paste. Then fill your cup with more hot water. Add almond milk, honey, vanilla or any other flavors you like. Make it your own.

Why sift matcha?

For the same reason bakers sift flour before using. The static electricity in the air encourages powders (be it flour, baking powder, cocoa, etc) to stick together and form clumps. The same is true with matcha green tea powder. Sifting matcha smoothes it out and lets it blend better into your drink or cooking recipe.

Which matcha utensils are best?

Traditional utensils include a bamboo whisk, tea sifter, ceramic tea bowl and tea scoop. If you can choose only one, we recommend starting with the bamboo whisk, which froths the tea in the bowl and brings out the delicate flavor profiles of matcha. For making lattes or iced-tea, we recommend a hand-held milk frother or martini shaker.

I still have a question - what shall I do?

Speak to an informed friendly Matcha Expert:
1 877 962 8242 / [email protected]